Savage Kick #23


Host: Slackmaster Kopper

The 23rd episode of Savage Kick finds me back down in the basement with a warm mug of whiskey eggnog hosting the official 2006 Christmas Special. Special guests include GaragePunk Podcasters Brad X, Crystal, Blair, Ryan, Dan, Steve, Alex, Doc, as well as my own 3-year-old son. Seasonal holiday favorites are included from the likes of The Didjits, Blowtops, Bantam Rooster, The Chesterfield Kings, The Dirtbombs, The Kaisers, Hasil Adkins, Dead Moon, The Devil Dogs, Frigg A-Go-Go, The Sonics, The Gentleman Callers, The Swingin’ Neckbreakers, and loads more. 95+ minutes in all… Enjoy! And happy holidaze!


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  1. admin says:


    Didjits – Under the Christmas Fish (Fizzjob/Touch and Go)
    Little Joey Small – Rock’n’Roll Santa (V/A: Christmas Party 7″/Norton)
    The Flamin’ Shitbags – Jingle Bell Rock
    Sloppy Seconds – Hurray for Santa Claus (Theme From “Santa Claus
    Conquers The Martians”)
    Blowtops – Sidewalk Santa (V/A: Surprise Package/Flying Bomb)
    Bantam Rooster – Let’s Just Fuck for Christmas (V/A: Surprise
    Package/Flying Bomb)
    The Dirtbombs – My Last Christmas (V/A: Surprise Package/Flying Bomb)
    The Hentchmen – Shotgun Christmas (V/A: Surprise Package/Flying Bomb)
    The Shitbirds – Christmas Is a Comin’ (May God Bless You) (V/A: Happy
    Birthday, Baby Jesus/SFTRI)
    The Chesterfield Kings – Run Rudolph Run
    The Blue Hawaiians – We Four Kings (Christmas on Big Island/Restless)
    The Orangu-Tones – Santa’s Comin’ (7″/Wormtone)
    Donny Burns – Cool Yule (V/A: Christmas Party 7″/Norton)
    Jackie & The Cedrics – Silent Night Rumble (7″/Norton)
    The Kaisers – Merry Christmas Loopy Lu (7″/Norton)
    Flat Duo Jets – I’ll Have a Merry Christmas Without You (7″/Norton)
    Hasil Adkins – Santa Claus Boogie (7″/Norton)
    Dead Moon – Christmas Rush
    Radio Mann – Christmas Bomp (V/A: Naughty or Nice/Dead Dog Records)
    The Go-Nuts – Snackin’ Santa
    Devil Dogs – I Wish it Could Be Christmas Everyday
    Jay Matty – Merry Twistmas
    Jack Scott – Jingle Bell Slide (V/A: Naughty or Nice)
    The Tryfles – Gloria
    The Sonics – Don’t Believe in Christmas
    The Sonics – The Village Idiot
    The Gentleman Callers – Don’t Cry to Me (On Christmas Day)
    Frigg A-Go-Go – Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto (7″/Scooch Pooch)
    Jerry & The Landslides – Get Off My Roof (You Gotta Have Moxie Vol.
    The Swingin’ Neckbreakers – Santa Claus Ain’t Comin’ This Year
    Rocket 455 – Santa Ain’t Coming for Christmas (V/A: Surprise
    Package/Flying Bomb)
    The’s – Rock’n’Roll Santa (7″/Norton)

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