The Speed of Sound #9

The Speed of Sound

Host: Blair B.

This episode is a combination of some of host Blair B’s long-time favorites, some bands he’s found on MySpace (including The Meat Packers, The Husbands, and Magic City), and bands he saw in the NYC metro area in early November. AND even one band that specifically requested that their song debut on this show.

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  1. admin says:

    Playlist – Speed Of Sound #9

    The Lime Spiders – Slave Girl (Big Time)
    I first heard these guys sometime around ’85, when this EP – which
    contained their first two singles (the first of which was a double-7″)
    – hit our college radio station. To my ears, “Slave Girl” sounded like
    the perfect melding of garage swagger and a metallic sucker punch.
    While the double-7″ tracks include Radio Birdman’s Warwick Gilbert on
    bass and then-future SomeLove Daryl Mather on guitar, this track is
    from the second single – coupled with another killer, “Beyond The
    Fringe” – which ranks as my favorite Lime Spiders’ record.

    The Bye-Gones – What Can You Give Me
    >From their forthcoming LP, _Let Them Be_, we get The Bye-Gones’ debut,

    “What Can You Give Me (That I Don’t Already Have)?” This bunch is
    based in the New York metro area. Although they have yet to play a
    show, this song is sure to create a buzz. When will they play?
    Bye-Gones, my friends. Let them be.

    The Ugly Beats – Trouble’s Over (Get Hip)
    This is easily one of my favorite discs of the past couple years. This
    Texas bunch cooks it up just the way I like it. The garage chunkiness
    is there, but the lead vocal smooths the edges just enough, making it
    sweet enough that you keep wanting more.

    The Heard – Stop It, Baby (Crypt)
    I first heard this song courtesy of The Chesterfield Kings. Of course,
    I was in Rochester, NY at the time, so I heard the original almost
    immediately thereafter. Both are absolutely killer.

    The Meat Packers – Benefits Package
    Yet another band I ran into on MySpace. More really cool stuff.
    Originally from England, they moved to San Francisco…And now to
    Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    Magic City – Does She
    Here’s a band I ran into on MySpace. I went nuts for this Columbus,
    Ohio trio. I wrote them immediately to make sure they were cool with
    me podcasting their stuff. (They were.) And to tell them I
    desperately wanted them to play NYC/Nj. They wrote back and said
    Spring/Summer ’07. I’ll look forward to it.

    Fortune’s Flesh – Mutual Fools
    After a good long run, LA’s Starvations lost a couple members. They
    were replaced, but – according to info at – a new sound began to emerge.
    And so they shed the old skin, emerging with what they call “Death

    The Monks – Complication (Repertoire)
    Right now, these Upstart Americans are back in Europe for the first
    time in 40 years. They did a killer weekend in NYC a few years back
    and I wish I could’ve been at the Dirty Water Club for their show

    Headache City – Kneejerk Reaction (Shit Sandwich)
    I only read the Goner Board once in awhile. I read a fair amount of
    the interplay between the Cococoma crew and certain other Goners, but
    that kinda crap wears thin with me. (I may get into arguments with
    people from time to time, but I try not to fall into the really low
    blows.) Anyway, since Tom Dash booked Cococoma on a bill with one of
    my favorite local bands, Baby Shakes, I figured I’d show up. Well,
    before the show, I ran into another Baby Shakes fan, a girl who
    happened to share my first name. One thing led to another and a girl
    passing by heard my friends and I talking about the Facts of Life. And
    so began my conversation with Nora, keyboardist for Headache City, who
    turned out to be a damn cool band. I’d like to resent her for being so
    friendly. I mean, if I hadn’t talked to her, I might well have had a
    chance to eat dinner before 1 AM on a school night. But it’s hard to
    resent someone who’s playing such cool rock’n’roll.

    The Tonics – Mindbender (Roto-Flex)
    I first happened upon this Vancouver bunch due to their Smugglers’
    tie-in. (They share guitarist Nick Thomas.) This bunch leans more
    towards the garage side of the fence. Check out their full-length.

    The Husbands – Take It Or Leave It (Swami)
    I came across this trio awhile back and decided I desperately needed to
    see them play. I wrote them and found out they’d be heading to the NYC
    area in November. I marked down the dates and prepared to hit as many
    as possible. As it happened, however, those dates ended up taking
    place in the midst of a couple week straight jag of GREAT shows in the
    NYC metro area. However, I *did* manage to make it to the final night
    of the tour, at Asbury Lanes. And a damn good night it was.

    The King Khan & BBQ Show – The Ballad Of… (In The Red)
    There are few out there that can move me on the level of KK & BBQ.
    These guys go from wild-ass rock’n’roll to 50s-style ballads without
    missing a beat. Perhaps more importantly, when they sing a simple word
    like “Baby”, you know they mean it they want that girl in their lives
    forever. You don’t *think* about the concept: You absolutely KNOW it.
    This track is my current favorite on the new record. Still, as great
    as their records area, what really blows me away is seeing them live.
    Simply put, WOW! These guys are enough to make me think it may be time
    to get back into the fanzine business.

    The Remains – Heart (Epic Legacy)
    This is easily one of my favorite tracks by these 60s Boston legends.
    How a band this damn good didn’t make it is beyond me.

    The Paybacks – Bring It Back (Savage Jams)
    I’ve told the story before…About how ex-Ten High vocalist Wendy Case
    handed me the demo cassette by her then-new band The Paybacks back at
    Cavestomp, ’99, telling me she wasn’t sure I’d like it, as it wasn’t
    really garage. And how I took it home and was wowed by the rock candy
    confection she’d cooked up with her bandmates. A few lineup shuffles
    later and The Paybacks are still bringing forth some fantastic melodic
    rock’n’roll. Here’s hoping they keep on keepin’ on.

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