Rock’n’Roll Suicide #19

Rock n Roll Suicide

Host: R. Fink

R. Fink returns with another stack of new records to sling your way in this edition, number nineteen, of Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide. Get ready to flip to songs by the Jades (Norton), Little “Guitar” Pickett & His Fabulous Rockin’ Fenders (Mr. Manicotti) and the Shop Fronts (Rip Off)… flop to the musical stylings of LiveFastDie (Douchemaster), The Hipshakes (Goner) and The Strate Coats (Hook or Crook)… and fly with the way-out sounds of The Sonics (Norton), Thee Crucials (Smash Teen Sound) and the Mothballs (???). So, get yourself hep to this mess and download this action! Podcast