Snake Alley #4


Hosts: Bob & Jeff

On this episode Bob & Jeff take a close look at George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Roger Corman’s Swamp Women (1955) and include a voicemail message left by a disgruntled Jack Nicholson(!). This one proves that Halloween can be fun all year long, so enjoy it, boys and ghouls!


  1. kopper says:

    Music should’ve been more scary and holiday-themed (IMHO), but otherwise, a great show. BTW, Jack Nicholson needs to get his facts straight…

  2. Bob Noxious says:

    The caller, “Jack”, sounded a bit hammered up and there are some questions surrounding his actual father. The unsolicited comment was left in my voice mail by an old freind and I added the segment in post production without Jeff knowing anything about it. When he heard it, he was ready to strangle “Jack”. Kinda cruel, but all in fun. Another “Jack” did respond in Snake Alley #8 to the name calling.
    As for the music, we didn’t have much time to think about it. This was one of those episodes that was put together pretty quickly. “Green Cat Salad” is one of my fave tunes and that is why it’s there.
    Thanks for the “re -run”.

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