Oblivians Live in St. Louis, 1996

Here’s a rare live show by one of the greatest garage punk bands ever, the Oblivians. This show was recorded at Cicero’s Basement Bar in St. Louis sometime in 1996. My wife and I were actually at this show (there were maybe fewer than a dozen people there) but we were unaware it was being recorded (we found out later that Jim Utz recorded just about every band that played there throughout the mid-’90s). I’ll never forget the unrelenting passion and fury in which they played (despite the fact that there were very few people there), right down to the splattered blood on their guitars. It’s been almost ten years since this show took place, but it’s still fresh in my mind. Enjoy!



  1. bobasaki says:

    not that it matters and i could be totally wrong but i’m thinking this show was probably earlier than 1996 judging from the song list. It’s awesome though!

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