REAL Rock’n’Roll Podcast Network

Formerly known as GaragePunk Pirate Radio (2005–2015) and born of the original GaragePunk Forums message board at, Radio Mutation is a podcast network of DJ-hosted music shows featuring wild and untamed garage rock, punk, surf/instro, rockabilly, primitive R&B, power pop, swamp rock, proto-punk, post-punk, psychedelic rock, broken blues… basically all styles of gritty, desperate, REAL rock ’n’ roll. All of our shows are low-budget productions, independently produced and non-commercial (that means we make no money whatsoever from this endeavor). We also like to think they are entertaining as hell—our programming is infused with loads of personality and a heaping helping of Integrity, Soul, and Attitude, not to mention hours upon hours of great music that you will most likely not hear anywhere else.